Farming at Faaborg

My friend Jen just spend a few weeks in Denmark at a biodynamic farm. It's run by Per and his son Kristoffer. Here are some of Jen's descriptions:

'It was run by this true hippie, Per, who had a fetish for odd hats and talked all about the "ether power" of his grains... I had a small cottage to stay in, and everyday we did various things around the farm. First we ate breakfast of make-your-own muesli. Then things like weeding, which was my favorite thing to do. Also tying up cucumber vines and caring for tomatoes in the greenhouse, and baking rye bread for smorrebrod. These are open-faced sandwiches that we ate for lunch everyday. The bread was made from Per's rye and also this flour made of ground "Urland grass"... beyond that it was just honey, salt and water. Oh, and it wasn't yeasted... I also had a few days off to ride a bicycle along the shore in search of ice cream. Danish ice cream cones are so oddly proportioned and delicious, with fresh, humungous waffle cones, small scoops of ice cream, delicate slices of strawberry, a drizzle of strawberry sauce, all topped with this raw, dense meringue, called "guf"... It's interesting that such a small and heavily taxed country as this makes for a really well-maintained, wind-powered, and ecologically farmed economy.  Everyone is so happy there, too, and healthy seeming, the pace of things isn't just slower, the attitude with which everything is done feels joyful, almost leisurely.  There's definitely something strongly socialistic about Denmark, and though I admire it it brings out my understanding of the American in me, who is competitive, private, loud, individualistic.'