The excavation

In the front yard there is a stump from an old pine tree cut down 5 or more years ago. It's taking up garden space and I thought some kind of removal was called for. In the country, perhaps, trees are everywhere and thus of less value, given less care. There's always several stumps in the woods somewhere. But in the city there's no room for that kind of wild growth. A tree is chosen for a spot, allowed to grow, but all it's little seeds when they sprout we pluck them out of the ground. Tended. There are only certain chosen trees. This tree was planted, allowed to grow tall, then chopped down. In the forest would this be sad? Here in the city with every tree that's chopped down people stare and feel sad. I used to have five trees in the yard, then I chopped one down. It was big, with a 4 1/2 foot trunk, but badly pruned and not safe. Even so, it was sad to see it go. Digging up this stump, seeing the roots every day a little more, following them deeper into the ground, it's like a child pretending to be an archeologist perhaps. I've been digging for 3 days. It will probably take another 2 weeks.