Per Se

My sister and cousin Katy went to Per Se last week. Katy writes:

'We had a little cherry tomato salad - as pretty as it was delicious. Two fish courses - I loved the lobster. Two meat courses, then a cheese course - burrata cheeses with zucchini blossoms and tomatoes. The official dessert was fine, but the chocolates and many other confections after were SO good. My favorite was the coffee semifreddo with donut holes (they were so, so yummy we forgot to take a photo until there were only a few left!). I thought it was all over when the waiter then brought over a bowl of homemade tiny, wrapped candies and chocolate covered hazelnuts. I looked at him and said, 'this is it, right? No more?'. He smiled and assured me it was all over. There was no more room in my belly.'