Rotten frame

It would have been very nice to have a trailer for a food cart, after all, so many food carts are trailers. But once I opened the frame up it had a lot of rotten wood that I wanted to replace. I'd already built the floor, as you can see, and it took a lot of patience to built it within the shell. I didn't realize, somehow, until now, that because the shell is stapled to the wood framing, there would be no way to remove the frame and rebuild a new one. It's too delicate an operation and the aluminum shell is so fragile. The problems with the shell went on and on. Leaks in the roof, white paint that probably had lead in it, windows that needed to be moved, a ceiling that was a few inches too low. So I decided to dispense with the aluminum shell, the trailer proper. It's sad, but it must go.