Downtown on lunch break

I met Elle and Lindsey downtown for lunch at Violetta, a food cart at SW Taylor and 8th, in director park. This is a new park, and it's stunning. It's one large seating area for Violetta, which will soon be opening a little restaurant in the park. The food is American comfort food, very similar to McDonalds (or perhaps I should say Burgerville), but it's local and delicious. Elle got a lentil burger, Lindsey got squash and coconut soup, and we all split freshly fried beignets with chocolate sauce for dessert.

Joel is opening a coffee shop! It's in the old half and half location, at W Burnside and 10th. As you can see, he's in the demolition phase. I was offered a snack of some pasta when I stopped in, but I had just eaten.

In the bathroom are many little cartoons of various figures peeing and pooping. I love this one. Unfortunately I'm sure it's destined to be repainted.