Lindsey stopped by yesterday and dropped off some bacon jam from a Seattle food cart called Skillet. It's kind of an unappetizing name. Why don't they just call it rillettes? I had it for breakfast. It's pretty good, although the smoke in the bacon seems out of place here. Skillet makes burgers where they use this in place of mayonaise. I should give that a shot.

Lindsey is very connected with all sorts of foodies. A week ago we had dinner at Suzette with Marlowe, later stopping by her homestead. She has a compost with a green roof above where she grows herbs, 2 bee colonies, irrigation in the garden, pullets in the basement, and a large quantity of jam tucked away from last fall. Her green tomato chutney is totally delicious. It's got a BBQ sauce character, with cinnamon, cloves, and possibly soy sauce in there as well.