Emily Scroggs, an anthropology student at Lewis and Clark, interviewed me about my food cart this evening. She's already talked to the owners of Savor. In Oakland, which is where she's from, she says that food carts do not really exist. At Pastaworks today, Dave the butcher was telling me about a dish he had at 3 Doors Down, called 'the crouton.' It's a thick slice of ciabatta sauteed in olive oil, covered with a mushroom/sherry/cream sauce.

After doing some analysis with my espresso machine, measuring out exact amounts of espresso, taking temperature readings of the water, weighing the espresso as it flowed out, I was able to answer, hesitantly, a question Joel put to me. Does the espresso come out quicker or slower at a higher temperature? It comes out slower at a higher temperature, I have observed. His Ethiopian is also very tasty.

I picked up a Japanese on demand water heater today. Installation will be difficult.