Picnic has been towed downtown

Yes yes, I am always late. So many repairs to do on this creaky old contraption! But we are now on the home stretch for opening and are getting our menu and suppliers all ironed out. Groundwork Organics, a great farm, has unfortunately decided to stop doing deliveries and concentrate on farmers markets instead. Kookoolan chicken ranch has some veggies and we are getting chickens and eggs from them. Todd Edwards at Olé Latte has started roasting coffee and we will be brewing some of that, alongside Courier Coffee's excellent beans. So this time it's for real, and we will be open this coming Monday! The new lot is great and all the other carts have been super friendly and welcoming. We're excited to be among such good neighbors, surrounded by tall buildings, in the hustle and bustle of downtown.

Food cart downtown

Will Finley

William Finley was an amazing bird photographer from Portland. He used a large view camera and was active from 1901 thru the late 20's. Herman Bohlman was his partner and the two of them went on some wild trecks throughout Oregon. They took great delight in arranging their camp just so to compose a picture capturing them cooking breakfast or lunch. I'll post a few scans I've done of those, but first, here is a picture of the two of them, a self portrait no doubt, with a small gaggle of birds.Finley-and-Bowman,-1901

Finley top; Bohlman bottom; 1901

Testing out the pump

Testing-pump-speeds Several of the barrels I picked up second hand have busted bung staves. Darn it! When I topped up the wine in them they would weep wine around the wood with the hole in it. I called up Grochau and he had a few which I picked up. These ones are in much better shape. My pump kit has slowly took form. As you can see in the photo, I have a surge dampener clamped on to the output. That's the tall stainless tube. I'm testing the flow rate with my dinky little air compressor. 81 pounds per minute, as measured by the scale.