Lloyd farmers market

Now that Mary is helping with cooking at the cart I have a little more time to go to farmers markets. The cart has been busier this month, it is the high season after all! As such, I've been needing to get extra ingredients a little more often. On Tuesday I visited the Lloyd farmers market, at NE 9th and Holladay. It's so fun to visit all the markets, there are so many now. I bought lettuce and beets at Sweet Leaf farm. 

Lloyd farmers market.jpg

Perseid meteor shower

On Monday night I drove up with some new friends into the gorge to watch the yearly meteor shower. Lying on our backs, gazing up at the sky on a warm summer night, surrounded by a crowd of murmuring star gazers, was just about perfect. I saw about 7 meteors. Most of the movement was planes on approach to PDX and satellites. I am amazed at how many satellites there are!  


Photo bomb!

This months Portland Monthly (August issue) has a great photo of the cart and a little review of our BLT. Dina Avila came by and took many dramatic photos. My favorites were some actions shots of me and Jen handing off sandwiches to customers, a la the Olympic torch relay. Unfortunately those didn't get used. Print being what it is, we cannot offer a link quite yet, so pick it up on the newstands. What also didn't get shown is that Mr. Todd of Ole Latte dropped in on our photo shoot and postured like it was his own cart! Photo bomb! Of course we are more then happy to let Todd take liberties with us, he's been our constant companion since we met last year. He spent the winter at the winery, on Clinton and 14th, then followed us downtown. Since Spella threw in the towel I think we can say that he's inherited the mantle of best coffee cart in Portland! 

As a side note, Todd looks a little demonic in this photo. One need only see this photo to be assured that he's an entirely wholesome family man. 


copyright Dina Avila photography

copyright Dina Avila photography